Updates & Upgrades!

Updates & Upgrades!

Each time we are a vendor at a craft show, we always start the next day talking about the things we think we did well, and the things we think need changing. This last show went well for us, but there were some glitches too that we need to work out. 

I've been trying to get on track with inventory management so that when we sell out of product at a show, it also shows that on the website. We're going to be adding barcodes to our labels to make that process a bit easier (I hope). Trial run will be in a few weeks, so here's hoping!

On that note, we're also looking at changing our packaging. At craft shows, which are usually taking place on grassy fields, there's lots of dirt floating around. I've noticed that some of the bars look grungy at the end of the day, which is no bueno. We're talking about boxing most soaps, but leaving out a sample soap out for people to look at and smell. 

The things we did right included expanding the kid's section (pictured below)! Setting it on the edge of the table so that it's the piece people first see as they walk by has been great for us! Kiddos pull their parents in to look at all the treasure soap and then their parents browse and pick stuff for themselves, too. 

We've also decided to double our craft booth space so that it's not so crowded when people walk through. As it is, if there are more than 3 people in the space, there is seriously limited space to walk around and browse. We'll be adding 2 more tables as well, and making sure we've got more table displays. I'd like to look at tall display shelves instead of just wide so that we've got some variety and can create more visual appeal.

We did add the little tubs, and that was a fun addition! We ended up turning them on their sides and letting soap "spill" out, which I definitely liked better than what is pictured above. Easier to see product is much better.

We did debut our liquid soap line at this show, and people responded well! I had the bottles all sealed, but also provided a sample for them to sniff, which YES. I also feel like we need to expand our product line a bit more. Body butters, sugar scrubs, and more, possibly? But that's a project for summer, when I have more time on my hands.

So that's where we are so far. I'm working on the summer collection, but spring is rolling out now! More to come!