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Apple Tree Acre Farms

Lemon Delight Bar Soap

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Indulge in the light yet intoxicating fragrance of our Double-Butter Lemon Soap, a handcrafted and luxuriously creamy creation that elevates your bathing experience. Here's what makes it special:

  • Fragrance Profile: A delightful blend of fresh lemons, sunny and tart, bursting with citrusy zing. The fragrance is light, providing a refreshing and invigorating sensation.

  • Double-Butter Formula: This soap is enriched with Shea and Mango butters, creating a double-butter formula that pampers and softens the skin. Experience the richness of these nourishing butters as they contribute to a luxurious lather.

  • Signature Combination of Oils: Handcrafted in small batches with our signature combination of oils, ensuring a soap that is highly effective yet gentle on the skin.

  • Kaolin Clay and Colloidal Oats: Added for their skin-loving properties, these ingredients help draw out heavy oils and grime from the skin, promoting a clean and refreshed feeling.

Elevate your daily bathing ritual with a soap that not only cleanses effectively but also cares for your skin with the richness of butters and the invigorating aroma of fresh lemons. The creamy texture and thoughtful combination of ingredients make this soap a luxurious treat for your skin.

Because true luxury is found in the simplicity of quality ingredients and the joy of a soap that not only cleans but also indulges your senses. Treat yourself to the delightful experience of our Double-Butter Lemon Soap.